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Shaping the Future of Oncology in Latin America: 11º congresso Oncoclínica Dana-Farber

From September 14th to 16th, the 11º Congresso Internacional Oncoclínicas Dana-Farber, themed "Combate ao Câncer: fronteiras da inovação e a revolução do cuidado," took place in São Paulo, marking a significant event in the global oncology landscape in Latin America.

The event aimed to offer a comprehensive perspective on the future of oncology, showcasing major technological advancements that have revolutionized cancer treatment and innovations developed by Brazilian scientists.

This congress, organized by Grupo Oncoclínicas, successfully brought together over 5,000 distinguished specialists in the field, including MEDSIR members who played a pivotal role through informative presentations.

One of our proudest moments of the congress was the introduction of our groundbreaking MiRaDor study by MEDSIR's member, Felipe Slebe, PhD, MBA, where he shared the design of a very promising study.

Dr. Antonio Llombart-Cussac, MEDSIR’s co-founder, also played a prominent role in the event, participating in the symposium titled "Presente ou Futuro?" in which he addressed the treatment of HER2-positive patients without resorting to chemotherapy, mentioning multiple MEDSIR’s sponsored clinical trials such as PHERGain and PHERGain-2 as examples of these chemotherapy-free strategies. His presentation sparked significant interest and triggered further discussions during a roundtable session.

In total, the congress featured more than 300 speakers, including both Brazilian and international guests, and covered 16 modules spanning topics such as gynecology, lung, breast, urology, hematology, gastrointestinal issues, precision medicine, sarcomas, skin, head and neck, central nervous system, multidisciplinary approaches, palliative care, neuroendocrine tumors, pediatric hemato-oncology, and radiotherapy.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the Oncoclínicas team for their exceptional work in organizing the 11º Congresso Internacional Oncoclínicas Dana-Farber and for including MEDSIR. The success of the congress highlights the ongoing commitment of Oncoclínicas and MEDSIR to grow and evolve together to enhance independent clinical research.



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