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What is oncology physiotherapy?

Oncology physiotherapy has become a very beneficial option for many people. In this specialty, conventional massage techniques are adapted with the aim of helping the well-being and improving the personal comfort of those who suffer from health problems. In this way, through oncological massage, it is intended to prevent and improve the possible side effects derived from the oncological process, such as the treatments carried out as well as their secondary effects. Through this type of physiotherapy, the aim is to improve the quality of life of patients, since it is a complementary therapy to the medical treatments previously prescribed by health specialists.

It is important to mention that, to carry out this type of practice, it is necessary to know the patient's condition and the stage of their oncological treatment, since the physiotherapy treatment is carried out according to the needs of each patient, and on everything, depending on the type of cancer.

Who is oncology physiotherapy for?

Oncological physiotherapy is suitable for any patient who experiences any type of symptom caused by the secondary effects and/or aftermath of the oncological process. As we have mentioned before, what is intended through this type of physiotherapy is to offer individualized treatment based on the needs of each patient.

What physiotherapy techniques are used?

Although a totally personalized treatment is carried out according to the needs of each patient, it is necessary to highlight that there are a series of therapeutic exercises that are normally carried out.

1) Limb rehabilitation with exercises to help increase muscle tone

2) Techniques that help improve flexibility and mobility of the limbs

3) Electrostimulation in specific areas

4) Localized massage in joints and extremities

5) Mobilization of the joints in affected areas such as toes or hands.

These exercises are often combined with other techniques to provide better results for the patient.

In this way, in addition to using techniques to treat the fatigue, pain and nausea caused by the prescribed treatment, other types of exercises are worked on to treat the possible effects of anxiety, depression or insomnia caused by the disease.

Benefits of massages for cancer patients

Oncology physiotherapy and massages bring a lot of benefits to cancer patients. Next, we will comment on some of the most outstanding advantages:

Alleviate the pain

On many occasions, the oncological process and treatment can cause some persistent pain in patients, therefore, one of the most important benefits that oncological physiotherapy brings to people is relief of pain produced by the treatment.

Reduces the feeling of fatigue

In addition to relieving possible pain, another common side effects for cancer patients is the feeling of fatigue and tiredness. Physiotherapy applied to this type of disease allows to work on the body and reduce this sensation in the daily activities of patients.

Improve mobility

The massages and exercises carried out in oncological physiotherapy allow the mobility of the extremities to be worked on to prevent problems in the joints, such as stiffness, reduced mobility, etc.

Mood Boost

Finally, we want to emphasize that, as a consequence of the benefits of physiotherapy mentioned above, patients experience an improvement in their quality of life that provides them with a more positive state of mind.

Always consult a specialist to assess which is the most appropriate option for your case. Contact us if you want more information.



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