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What is an inclusive bra?

Inclusion, a word that seems to be fashionable, refers to accepting and including diversity and personal differences in order to build a more tolerant and rich society.

Every day, we see more advertisements and products of an inclusive nature, such as cosmetics and clothing, but the most common is that this characteristic is oriented to sizes, colors and races, still leaving a very important gap in the diversity of bodies and lives.

For this reason, companies are developing inclusive lingerie brand to raise awareness and normalize breast cancer, by going beyond what is understood by diversity and emphasize the changes faced by the female body and the lives of all women including the breast cancer.

An inclusive bra is then, a functional garment for all these changes, it is a garment so that all women can use it regardless of whether their breasts are large, small, if they have only one breast, if they are pregnant, nursing, if they have just had a mastectomy or if they have years of reconstruction after cancer.

Breast cancer and the advantages offered by inclusive bras

What makes inclusive bras unique is this ability to accompany women in the different challenges that their lives bring and the variations that their bodies have.

For example, it has been identified how, with age, both male and female bodies change to give more care and importance to the organs that become more vital over the years.

So if you change your shape, weight and priorities, the bra that is a garment for many women for daily use must be designed to respond to these changes and provide well-being and comfort.

The inclusive bra also has essential characteristics so that breast cancer survivors find in it a comfortable, responsible, beautiful, modern, versatile and, above all, functional alternative so that it can be used regardless of age, size, if you use an external prosthesis, if you have a flat chest, if you have asymmetries or if you opted for reconstruction and you need an ideal support for day to day, to sleep or to go for a walk.

Where can I get an inclusive bra?

AnaOno has a line of “boob-inclusive” bras which have been purchased by 30,000 customers all over the world. At 27, ANAONO founder, Dana Donofree was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a bilateral mastectomy with implant reconstruction. After the surgery none of her old bras fit her and the options that were comfortable did nothing to aid her confidence or make her feel beautiful. This motivated her to start her own company which debuted a lingerie line for people who had breast surgeries.

Learn more about the AnaOno story here.

If you have any doubts or concerns about your breast cancer diagnosis please don't hesitate to reach out!

Article written by: Myrina Inclusive intimate apparel website to normalize breast cancer.



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