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El Global Interview: in a post-pandemic world, clinical research needs to be made even more flexible

Last July, Roldán Cortés, Director of Business Development and Marketing at MEDSIR, gave an interesting interview to El Global, the leading pharmaceutical newspaper in Spain.

With the arrival of COVID-19, the importance of research to address diseases that still have unmet clinical needs has been highlighted. Oncology, a well known disease, has had research paused in the months of the pandemic, and still needs a boost to enhance both resources and promotional mechanisms to lead to scientific advances.

MEDSIR specializes in promoting independent clinical research in oncology and, as Roldán Cortés explains, “the work we do is based on ideas that are generated outside of pharmaceutical companies. It is a collaborative model with which we want not only to resort to their financing, but we also tend to work more as partners with them and although we generate the idea and have the scientific expertise in addition to acting as a sponsor, we work hand in hand with the companies to take into account the interests of all the players involved.”

In his discussion with the newspaper, he also analyzes the panorama of clinical research in oncology during these months of confinement and concludes with his point of view on the pending challenges in a post-pandemic world.

Without a doubt, this is an interview that gives much to think about and if you want to read the article in El Global, here you have it (in Spanish), but we have also translated it into English so that we can all enjoy it.

Interview at El Global
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