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Bring your clinical idea to life as a fully-funded trial

MEDSIR is an organization that focuses on developing clinical trials in oncology. The company was started by our founders Drs. Javier Cortés and Antonio Llombart, breast cancer experts, who wanted to create a place where all investigators could go to develop their ideas into clinical trials.

Therefore, MEDSIR was born and became a place for oncologist to receive proper support they needed to bring their ideas to life.

At MEDSIR we can leverage our relationships to connect your idea to pharmaceutical and biotech funders to get the process moving faster, instead you having to go to multiple places to get your idea moving.

The service we’re providing is fully free and most importantly this idea will always be yours and yours alone. We start by converting the idea into a strategic clinical trial keeping in mind the right patient population and design and pairing it with the proper pharmaceutical partner. Next, our skilled business development team will present the trial to potential funders and once we secure the funding, we’ll begin the trial set up and management. Throughout the whole process we invite you to be the captain. If you’re the type that wants to have all updates and want to be involved in every aspect you are more than welcome to be, but if you prefer to just get high level updates that works too.

We’ve raised more than 40 million euros to support 40 different clinical trials – and affected the lives of over 2000 patients, come get started with us today!

Watch the video to better understand our model:



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