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A Recap of the Think Tank Meeting in Breast Cancer in São Paulo, Brazil

From March 16th to March 18th 2024, São Paulo, Brazil, witnessed a gathering of minds at the Think Tank Meeting, coordinated by MEDSIR in collaboration with AstraZeneca. This dynamic event brought together 6 international mentors and over 30 dedicated Brazilian oncologists for a three-day event of discovery and collaboration aimed at revolutionizing clinical trial design in breast cancer research. 

Think Tank Brazil group

Day 1: Setting the Stage 


The event started with a burst of energy as participants delved into a series of engaging talks and discussions led by KOLs from Spain, Brazil, USA and Germany. Dr. Rodrigo Dienstmann, a trailblazer in Precision Medicine and Big Data at Grupo Oncoclínicas, set the tone with insights into Real-World Data (RWD) and its pivotal role in shaping clinical trials. This was followed by illuminating sessions by global experts like Dr. Nadia Harbeck and Dr. Antonio Llombart, shedding light on trial design strategies and Investigator-Initiated Trials (IITs). Finally, Dr. Mariana Chavez Mac Gregor brought a delightful energy to the session as she co-chaired. With her deep ability to guide discussions, she played a key role in making the session a success. 

 Day 2: Crafting Innovation 


The energy continued to build on Day 2 as participants dove into immersive workshops and rolled up their sleeves for intensive work. Split into five groups, each guided by a mentor, attendees embarked on a journey of brainstorming and teamwork. Their mission? With two molecules from AstraZeneca allocated to each group, they were tasked with crafting comprehensive proposals. These proposals needed to encompass every aspect essential for trial design, including patient demographics, trial duration, endpoints, and potential challenges. Throughout the workshops, participants collaborated closely, leveraging their diverse expertise to develop innovative and robust trial designs. As the day progressed, the buzz of creativity and collaboration filled the room, setting the stage for an inspiring culmination on Day 3. 

Day 3: Unveiling Brilliance 


The event reached its peak as participants shared their proposals in a lively plenary session. Each group presented their trial designs with enthusiasm, sparking discussions and creating an atmosphere of exchange. As attendees shared their thoughts, the room buzzed with energy, driven by a shared commitment to breast cancer research. 


Peer mentoring and constructive critique played pivotal roles in this process, as participants offered insightful feedback to one another. Through this collaborative approach, trial designs were refined and strengthened, paving the way for potential breakthroughs in the field. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation and optimism as attendees departed, carrying with them not just proposals, but the seeds of future innovation and progress in the fight against breast cancer. 

Think Tank Meeting Brazil

 Celebrating Collaboration & Moving Forward 


At the Think Tank Meeting, it wasn't just about science; it was about people coming together. The friendly atmosphere showed how important it is to connect and support each other. It showed how working together can lead to amazing discoveries. Participants didn't just leave with proposals—they left feeling like part of a global community dedicated to improving clinical research. MEDSIR is committed to keeping this collaborative spirit alive, pushing clinical practice forward one meeting at a time. 


If you're inspired to be part of this transformative journey or eager to sponsor a Think Tank Meeting, we invite you to reach out to us. Together, we can shape the future of cancer research.

Join MEDSIR in its mission to redefine clinical practice and make a meaningful impact on patients' lives worldwide. 


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