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The MEDSIR Oncoclínicas Academy: Elevating the potential in clinical research

MEDSIR Oncoclínicas Academy group picture

Left to right: Amandine Denys, Alicia García, Flavia Moitinho, Ana Cláudia Galdino, Jorge Leal, Rafael Brant, Miquel Quintana, María Campos,

Jorge Canedo, Virginia Sessa, Jesse Lopes and Leandro Jonata Carvalho

From November 6th to 10th, MEDSIR and Oncoclinicas & Co. had the privilege of hosting the inaugural session of the joint institutional project: The MEDSIR Oncoclínicas Academy.

The MEDSIR Oncoclínicas Academy aims to promote excellence in the field of clinical research education by developing skilled professionals capable of generating and conducting relevant clinical trials worldwide.

This first Preceptorship Program took place in Barcelona, Spain, inviting 8 Medical Oncologists specialized in breast cancer from Brazil. This intensive 5-day program aimed to increase their expertise in the design and management of clinical trials, offering both a scientific and operational perspective while delineating their roles and responsibilities as Principal Investigators.

MEDSIR Oncoclínicas Academy

The opening session started with excitement, with an introductory speech outlining the origin of the MEDSIR Oncoclínicas Academy. Attendees then introduced themselves, shared their professional experiences, and engaged in discussions highlighting the significance of clinical research.

Discussing the significance of clinical research

Throughout the day, presentations delved into the fundamentals of Clinical Trials, covering stakeholders, regulatory aspects, and more. The day concluded with a visit from Dr. Juan José Mosquera, Medical Oncologist from Instituto Oncológico Dr. Rosell (IOR) and MEDSIR’s Medical Monitor. The group collectively explored the benefits and responsibilities associated with being a Principal Investigator.

MEDSIR Oncoclínicas Academy

At the Dexeus University Hospital with Dr. Juan José Mosquera

Later in the week, the group also had the opportunity to visit Dexeus University Hospital, with the mentorship of Dr. Alejandro Martinez, Head of the Oncology department at the hospital, where they observed the clinical trials unit, exchanged experiences in patient treatment within clinical trials, and gained insights into site management.

MEDSIR Oncoclínicas Academy

Workshop on how to design IITs with Dr. José Manuel Pérez

A big highlight of this program was the talk of Dr. José Manuel Pérez, MEDSIR medical associate and Deputy Director of the International Breast Cancer Center –IBCC. He conducted an interesting workshop on Investigator-Initiated Trials (IIT) design. The group of oncologists reviewed the necessary steps to generate winning proposals and later on, they were divided into two groups to brainstorm ideas for addressing gaps in Breast Cancer research. The presentation and ending discussion proved to be fruitful, producing promising designs.

On the final day of the program, we had thought-provoking conversations about emerging clinical trial designs, highlighting the significance of translational research and biosamples, a presentation on the importance of statistics in clinical trials, supported by real-world cases, emphasized the relevance of statistical analysis across all stages of the trials.

Hands-on activities

To wrap up the event, participants engaged in a practical exercise where they shared and defended different operational cases from clinical sites. This hands-on activity encouraged collaborative problem-solving for the challenges that Principal Investigators encounter regularly. The interactive session generated thought-provoking reflections and valuable insights.

MEDSIR Oncoclínicas Academy

Left to right: Katsuki Tiscoski, Virginia Sessa, Jesse Lopes, Ana Cláudia Galdino, Jorge Leal, Rafael Brant, Marcela Lima and Leandro Jonata Carvalho

The program's success is further highlighted by the positive feedback, promising designs generated during workshops, and the evident growth in the participants' understanding of key aspects in clinical trial development. Driven by this triumph, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to repeat and build upon this valuable experience in future editions of the MEDSIR Oncoclínicas Academy.

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