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The most innovative research arrives in Latin America from the hand of MEDSIR

MEDSIR has signed last Friday October 7th 2022, at its headquarters at Torre Glòries in Barcelona, a strategic alliance with Oncoclínicas, the leading oncology group in Brazil and Latin America. An operation that was announced last March and whose objective is to promote independent cancer research worldwide. The alliance opens the doors of Brazil to MEDSIR, the country with the greatest research potential in South America.

The signing of the agreement brought together in Barcelona Bruno Ferrari, medical oncologist, CEO and founder of Oncoclínicas, Javier Cortés and Antonio Llombart, medical oncologists and co-founders of MEDSIR, and María Campos, also co-founder of MEDSIR.

From left to right: María Campos, Dr. Bruno Ferrari, Dr. Javier Cortés, Dr. Antonio Llombart, Raoni Larena

Investment of 2,75 M€ into MEDSIR capital

With this agreement, Oncoclínicas acquires 49% of MEDSIR, for a fixed price of 5.75 million euros and an additional variable price of 3.5 million which will be accrued in the coming years subject to the achievement of specific business goals. The initial transaction includes the direct capital investment of 2.75 million euros in MEDSIR, thus allowing the company to accelerate its international expansion both in Latin America and in the United States, where it was already present.

Likewise, the agreement also contemplates the possibility of additional equity investments over the next years, showing a clear commitment of Oncoclínicas on MEDSIR’s differential business model in the oncological clinical trials industry. This agreement also reflects the global commitment of Oncoclínicas to the fight against cancer and the support for independent research.

María Campos, CEO and co-founder of MEDSIR, has stated that “it is a strategic agreement to accelerate independent oncology research, so that companies that investigates new treatments can benefit from using an environment of clinical and molecular data verified by medical expertise. It will also facilitate the development of intelligent tests that allow us to work through a disruptive model of continuous interaction in the research activities”.

Dr. Bruno Ferrari, medical oncologist, CEO and founder of Oncoclínicas, has highlighted that “the Alliance strengthens the set of skills of the genomics and diagnosis platform of Oncoclínicas Precision Medicine (OCPM), by adding MEDSIR experience in precision medicine and in the creation of international clinical trials”.

One of the world’s largest oncology research networks

With the entry of Oncoclínicas capital, MEDSIR accelerates its international expansion, which began five years ago, and goes on to lead one of the largest global research networks in oncology. Going forward the company will count on the medical expertise of more than 1,900 specialists, on the genomics and diagnostics platform to design new trials based on artificial intelligence, and with the infrastructure to be able to offer oncology research to many patients in Brazil.

Dr. Javier Cortés, Director of the International Breast Cancer Center (IBCC) and one of the co-founders of MEDSIR, highlighted “the benefit for cancer patients of counting on the excellent international research resulting from the Alliance between MEDSIR and Oncoclínicas”. Additionally, Dr. Antonio Llombart, oncologist and one of the co-founders of MEDSIR, has insisted that “the international collaboration in the fight against cancer and promoting oncology research is key, allowing patients to benefit from the access and participation in world-renowned clinical trials”.

The new agreement represents an extension and improvement of Oncoclínicas’ current services portfolio (radiotherapy, personalized medicine, telemedicine and complementary treatments) by now adding to it the most innovative clinical and molecular research, while broadening its range of scientific collaborations, which so far includes the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (Boston) and the Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel).

We are extremely happy for this new milestone and our commitment to science and to our patients at the global level has never been stronger.



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