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St. Gallen BCC and BioEurope Highlights

The last week of March 2019 brought MedSIR a double dose of events in Vienna the form of EBCC 2019 and Bio Europes Spring edition.

Both were successful albeit quite different. EBCC represented MedSIR’s core business of developing strategic clinical trials for Breast Cancer. Activity was intense as the MedSIR Project Development Team met with half a dozen of the major companies currently established in Breast Cancer, such as Roche, Novartis, Lilly, Pfizer and also with some of the new kids on the block, such as MacroGenics and Seattle Genetics. Hopefully these meetings will evolve into the development of collaborations that may one day have a positive impact on patients with breast cancer.

BioEurope represented the other side of the coin. If Breast Cancer is MedSIR’s main area, Biotech remains mostly uncharted territory. However, the MedSIR team believes that their project development model can also help some of these very young companies in their very early stages of drug development. After all, failure rates in Oncology sit at around 95%, so we believe it is essential to provide our expertise as soon as we can in order to guarantee that future potentially beneficial drugs can reach Doctor’s offices and benefit their patients in the right way. We will keep our fingers crossed that one day this new domain becomes a daily reality in our activities.

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