Post SABCS 2017

When we got off the plane in San Antonio on the evening of December 4th, nobody could imagine what was going to transpire over the next 4 days! After over 30 meetings the MedSIR team is still recovering from the non-stop excitement and hard work!

We were thrilled to meet with so many Investigators and established Pharma companies as well as young, dynamic, up-and-coming Biotechs. Currently, there is so much going on in Clinical Research in Breast Cancer that it is almost overwhelming.

But, this landscape is perfect for a small, agile, and dynamic company like MedSIR and we thrive on all the potential that exists. Hopefully the many meetings will one day translate into clinical trials and then into new drug indications that help Breast Cancer patients live longer and better lives.

We are now getting ready for the next steps in order to make this dream a reality.

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