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Meet us at ESMO 2023

We are excited to share that MEDSIR is part of 3 studies being presented at ESMO 2023 this year. Taking place from October 20th through the 24th, the annual ESMO Congress brings together clinicians, researchers, patient advocates, and healthcare industry representatives from all over the world and this year it’s taking place in our home country! We can’t wait to see you all in Madrid!

LUPER Trial – small-cell lung cancer trial

We’re thrilled to announce that the LUPER study was selected for a mini-oral presentation. Dr. Antonio Calles will share the results from the phase II study in which the combination of chemotherapy (lurbinectedin) and immunotherapy (pembrolizumab) is evaluated as second-line treatment for patients with relapsed small-cell lung cancer who were not previously treated with immunotherapy. There are currently limited options for patients when this relapse occurs, making second-line therapy a large unmet need. Make sure to stop by this mini-oral to learn more about this novel combination.

When: Saturday, October 21st @ 14:50

Where: Salamanca Auditorium – Hall 3

Mini oral session Luper study at ESMO 2023

Reveal Genomics HER2DX assay validation study

We are happy to share that MEDSIR collaborated with Reveal Genomics to help validate their HER2DX genomic assay with samples from our PHERGain study, and the results will be presented at ESMO 2023 during the poster sessions. Currently, 1 in 5 women with breast cancer are HER2+ , which tends to be more aggressive than other types of breast cancer. Recent development of HER2-targeted therapies have significantly improved treatment and outcomes. However, there is currently no way to determine with high accuracy which patients will respond to the treatment, as well as which of them are at high risk of recurrence. The goal of this study was to evaluate the ability of the HER2DX tool to correctly identify patients’ prognosis and risk of recurrence. Join Dr. Antonio Llombart-Cussac to learn more about how this tool works and how it could help move breast cancer treatment towards a more personalized medicine approach.

When: Saturday, October 21st @ 13.00h

Where: Hall 8

Poster #150P

TROP2 correlation with pathological complete response in HER2+ early breast cancer

We are also pleased to have a poster detailing a sub-analysis from the PHERGain study that explored the correlation between Trop-2 expression and pathological complete response in HER2+ early breast cancer. Trop-2 is a protein that is overexpressed in many cancer types. In this analysis, we evaluated the expression levels of Trop-2 in baseline tissue samples from the PHERGain trial to determine whether there is any correlation between Trop-2 expression and outcomes in a subgroup of patients that received a combination of chemotherapy and dual HER2-targeted therapy. Stop by the poster and meet with Dr. María Gión to learn more.

When: Saturday, October 21st @ 13.00h

Where: Hall 8

Poster #165P

In addition to these three studies, we will have members of the MEDSIR team onsite! Make sure to connect with us to set up a meeting or if you’re interested in learning more about these studies!




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