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MedSIR at AACR 2019

he American Association of Cancer Research (AACR), founded in 1907, has the mission to cure and prevent cancer by promoting research, education, communication and patient advocacy around the globe. The AACR’s 2019 annual meeting will take place in Atlanta, Georgia (USA), from March 29th to April 3rd, and MedSIR will be happy to attend once more!

The main topics of this year’s congress are Integrative Cancer Science and Personalized Cancer Care. The meeting will attract experts from all sectors of the cancer community, including regulators, academia, patients, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies. This will provide a unique networking opportunity with individuals and groups from all backgrounds, which will be brought together to witness the presentations of the most advanced scientific results in basic, translational and clinical cancer research.

MedSIR will take advantage of this unique opportunity not only to communicate the latest knowledge we have helped generate in the field, but also to maintain and establish new collaborations

with key players in international oncologic research, expanding the scope of our focus from breast cancer to many other tumor types, and promoting the connections needed to further our goal of advancing clinical research in oncology.

Whether you are a patient, a clinician, or are representing a company, we would be thrilled to get in touch with you in order to see how we can collaborate together in improving the life of cancer patients worldwide. We are looking forward to meeting you all in Atlanta!




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