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I3LUNG Project Design Published in Clinical Lung Cancer

MEDSIR is pleased to announce that the first article from the I3LUNG project has been published in the journal Clinical Lung Cancer, and details the rationale and study design of this exciting initiative.

Dr. Arsela Prelaj, a Medical Oncologist at the Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori of Milan, leads I3LUNG - a joint venture of 16 global partners. Publicly funded through the Horizon Europe Program, this project aims to provide access to innovative, sustainable, and high-quality healthcare. The project's timeline spans over five years, starting from 1st June 2022 and concluding in May 2027.

Metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (mNSCLC) has poor prognosis and limited therapeutic options. While immunotherapy is a promising option as it can harness the power of the immune system to fight cancer, it can be expensive and is associated with toxic side effects. Furthermore, it may not benefit all patients. To help with this, the I3LUNG project aims to develop a platform that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to better predict mNSCLC patient responses to immunotherapy according to their clinical characteristics.

Prelaj et. al. Clinical Lung Cancer 2023.
Prelaj et. al. Clinical Lung Cancer 2023.

At MEDSIR, we are enthusiastic about our involvement in this remarkable initiative, which has the potential to revolutionize lung cancer therapy and move it closer towards a personalized medicine approach. I3LUNG aims improve patient knowledge and involvement in treatment selections by providing a tool they can utilize with their physicians during the process.

To learn more about the project’s progress and contributions to personalized cancer care, visit the I3LUNG website or contact us.




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