1000 Patients!

Congratulations! All together we’ve made it to 1000! Perhaps this milestone was reached quicker than we thought when MedSIR first began about 6 years ago with the idea in mind of bringing people together to help as many cancer patients as possible through the design of innovative and potentially practice-changing clinical studies. That’s about 1 patient every 2 days over 6 years.

But, although we would like to take the time to formally thank everyone involved in this achievement -especially the 1000 patients who have placed their confidence and trust in our studies- we are proud to announce that WE WON’T STOP HERE!

MedSIR will continue to strive for excellence in this fascinating field in need of better and more efficient treatments and we will continue to connect people (the brightest scientists, top clinical researchers, dedicated companies, innovative biotechs, excellent research sites, patient advocates, and many more) to make this a better place for the many patients and families who live with this disease.

Let’s keep on fighting together one patient at a time!

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