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The EBCC in Barcelona

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

The 11th European Breast Cancer Conference in Barcelona represented a very special few days for MedSIR.

As usual, many meetings were held between key investigators and collaborators from pharma and biotech. MedSIR is growing and consequently coming into contact with an increasing number of potential collaborations. New, and potentially practice-changing, molecules lurk on the clinical development horizon. Each and every one represents an opportunity to spark the interest of the many minds developing strategic ideas for MedSIR.

Additionally, Drs. Javier Cortés and José Perez both had the chance to actively speak during important sessions. It is always an honor to see our talented collaborators spread their knowledge to the large audiences that fill congress rooms.

However, the most emotional event for MedSIR was its MedSIR Match dinner event. Over 90 people representing both Clinical Research and Industry joined the MedSIR Team to celebrate a recent company milestone: the enrolment of the 1000th patient in a MedSIR’S studies. A huge thank you to all who have helped along the way!

See you all at AACR and ASCO!



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