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Post ESMO 2018

October 19th was the first day of the annual meeting of the European Society of Molecular Oncology. Nearly 20,000 oncology stakeholders from over 130 countries worldwide attended the conference in Munich, Germany, and the MedSIR team was no exception.

ESMO is one of the most important professional organizations for medical oncology in the world. Although it has European roots, its reach is global, especially when considering that its main goal is to erase boundaries in cancer care, whether between countries or specialties. The tagline for this year’s ESMO meeting was Securing access to optimal cancer care, which is in direct alignment with MedSIR philosophy of bringing the latest medical innovations to oncologic patients and integrating multidisciplinarity into cancer care worldwide.

We were excited to participate in this unique platform for international visibility in oncology research, in order to carry out our mission to contribute to continuous improvements in cancer patient care. In the past five days, we learned, establish new collaborations and presented MedSIR to the world. Putting the reputation of Bavarian beers to the test was just be the icing on the cake! It was very important for MedSIR the #ESMO2018 meetings this year!



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