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Today we are happy to spend a brief moment with Maria Sió, International Trial Lead at MedSIR.

MedSIR Newsletter Team (MS): Thanks, Maria, for spending some time with us here today.

Maria Sió (Maria): Thank you, it’s my pleasure!

MS: What brought you to MedSIR?

Maria: I was working for a big pharmaceutical company for the last 7 years and I needed a motivational change in my professional career. I had positive reviews and feedback from MedSIR and the concept of this company is also very attractive and it grabbed my attention. So, when I knew that a position as Project Manager was open in MedSIR I decided to apply for it as it was a great opportunity and a challenge for what I was looking for in that moment.

MS: Interesting. So, it seems like some of your

current MedSIR colleagues, that you made the jump from Big Company to Small Company. How was that?

Maria: The change was very positive and my integration into the team was fast due to the friendly atmosphere, good professionals, and the very interesting ongoing projects. Changes can be difficult sometimes and even more so when you are getting out of your comfort zone, but in this case, it was worth it. I am very proud to be part of this successful team that helps us to grow both professionally and personally.

MS: What’s your opinion about the way we work at MedSIR?

Maria: What I value most about MedSIR is that it continually strives to bring on a positive atmosphere with a great sense of cooperation, support and empowerment, that all together help employees to be more creative and more motivated at work. This company provides enjoyable opportunities to their employees for growing up professionally.

Our trials stem from bright ideas coming directly from Expert Medical Oncologists in various tumor types, which guarantees that MedSIR projects are of very high scientific and academic interest. I have the pleasure of working in studies centered on Breast, Prostate, and Lung, just to give a few examples.

Additionally, what impressed me most about MedSIR is that it is a very young company, creative, dynamic and different from what we are used to in this sector. It is a company with a lot of potential, growing very fast and this is very motivating.

MS: Sounds exciting! What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Maria: My favorite thing about my job is the flexible and close relationships I have built with the Investigational Teams, the feeling that your contribution truly makes a difference, allowing the investigators the opportunity to bring up the ideas they had.

Moreover, another important aspect is the gratitude of knowing that your work is contributing to develop clinical solutions for treating cancer and we have the chance to offer new opportunities to patients.

MS: What do you do in your free time to free your mind from MedSIR?

Maria: In my free time, I like spending time with friends & family, travelling, reading, drawing, studying new languages, music and fashion, between others.

MS: Thanks so much Maria for your time!




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