Carol earned a degree in Nursing at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, followed by a Master’s Degree in Clinical Trial Monitoring at Barcelona University. She has vast experience holding positions as a Clinical Research Associate, Logistic Manager, Clinical Trial Manager, and Clinical Operations Manager. All obtained working in research organizations like Quintiles, Pivotal, Covance, DOCs, large pharmaceutical companies like Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline, research foundations SOLTI and Pasqual Maragall, and Sites at VIHR Vall d’Hebron Hospital. Focusing areas of expertise include Cardiology, Oncology, Neurology and Vaccines, from phase I to phase III studies.


Carol joined MedSIR in January of 2020 as Director of Operations determined to build a team where each member feels identified and represented; taking opportunities to learn and grow together, meeting new challenges with determination and optimism, and continuously searching for new knowledge and skills. ​


She speaks, Spanish, Catalan and English. Carol believes strongly that life is movement, always.

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With a Degree in Chemistry from the University of Barcelona (UB), Pilar went to Ireland and became a member of the Biomolecular Research Project at the Institute of Technology in Carlow. After this international experience, she returned to Barcelona and continued her professional career in the pharmaceutical industry at the Business Development Department of Lacer, and later at Isdin. There her role was as the project manager, maintaining constant communication with partners regarding in-licensing opportunities for both companies and working with multidisciplinary teams.


In 2012, Pilar became a committed project manager at InventivHealth Clinical, diligently overseeing clinical trials in different therapeutic areas such as Cardiovascular, Hepatitis, Respiratory and Oncology from phases I to III.  She also collaborates as a Professor of the Clinical Trials Monitoring Master’s Program organized by the IUSC in Barcelona since 2015. Pilar joined the MedSIR team in 2017 as an International Trial Lead.


Her interests include social media, human rights, and traveling. She is also actively committed to social and environmental issues in the community.



Director of Operations



Global Trial

Team Manager



Global Site


With a degree in Pharmacy from the University Autónoma of Valencia and a Master’s of Clinical Analysis from the University of Valencia, Laura began her career as Study Coordinator for Oncology clinical trials at the Valencian Institute of Oncology.

In 2006 Laura started working as Site Coordinator at the Hospital Arnau de Vilanova Lleida, managing all phases of Oncology trials. In 2010, Laura returned to the VIO as the Site Coordinator for clinical trials in Oncology, Dermatology, Cardiology, Gynecology and Radiology. Then in January of 2016, she began working as Clinical Research Associate for several Breast Cancer trials at GEICAM.

Laura joined MedSIR in March 2017 as International Trial Lead as part of the Operations Team, drawn to the global and dynamic environment that characterize MedSIR projects.

Laura speaks Spanish and English fluently.

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Trial Lead

With a degree in Biology from the University of Granada, Almudena began her career in the pharmaceutical industry as a Medical Sales Representative working on assignment for Astra Zeneca at Quintiles.

In 2012, Almudena completed a Master’s Degree in Clinical Trials Monitoring at the International University Study Center which led to her career as a Clinical Research Associate, first in Quintiles and later at Pharmaceutical Product Development, conducting international clinical trials in Oncology, Hematology, Cardiology, Neurology, Respiratory and Women’s Health, among others.

She loves traveling around the world, reading a good book, indoor and outdoor obstacles courses, meeting new people and facing challenges that allow her to grow personally and professionally.

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Trial Lead

With a Degree in Pharmacy from the University of Barcelona, Marta began her career in clinical research as a Clinical Study Coordinator in Oncology Trials at Vall d’Hebrón Institute of Oncology.

In 2014, Marta completed a Master’s Degree in Clinical Trials Monitoring in COMB (Official Medical College of Barcelona) and earned a position as Clinical Research Associate, first in Quintiles and later in PPD (Pharmaceutical Product Development) conducting international clinical trials in a wide variety of therapeutic areas such as Oncology, Hematology, Reumathology and Neurology. Then in 2018, Marta joined Pivotal as Lead CRA conducting tasks as Clinical Trial Manager and Project Manager in Oncology Trials.

She joins MedSIR in September 2019 as International Trial Lead.

She defines herself as cat lover, enthusiastic world traveller, and she enjoys clean-healthy eating and cooking.

Marta speaks Catalan, Spanish, English and intermediate level of German.

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Trial Lead

Tatyana attended the State University of New York at Albany as an undergraduate where she majored in Psychology and double minored in Biology and Africana Studies. She obtained her Master’s degree in Public Health at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA.


Tatyana joins MedSIR as International Trial Lead in 2019. Tatyana’s 10 years of experience include 7 years of clinical research in academic medicine including oncology, infectious disease and gastroenterology trials at top medical centers in New York City. She spent the last 3 years as a Clinical Development Manager at Advanced Accelerator Applications-A Novartis Company.


She enjoys reading, traveling and spending time with her family and friends.

Tatyana Jean, MPH


Trial Lead

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With a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Barcelona and a master’s degree in Clinical Trials Monitoring and Medical Affairs from the CESIF, Marta decided to focus her career in clinical research. She is passionate about research and life sciences.


Marta has held different roles within the Operations department of MEDSIR; Site Manager, Lead Site Manager and International Trial Lead.


During Marta’s trajectory in the field of clinical research, she managed strategic and innovative clinical trials involving multiple researchers in several countries. She gained expertise in designing, planning and executing multicenter studies phase I-II in Oncology (e.g., breast, prostate, penile cancer).


Her scientific soul craved a new challenge. At the end of 2019, she joined the Digital Innovation team. Nowadays, she is taking part in the digital transformation of the company and specifically of the clinical trials.


She is so fascinated about it. Currently, she is a member of the Operations and Digital departments.


Marta speaks Catalan, Spanish, French, and English fluently.




Trial Lead

With a Degree in Biology from the University of Barcelona (UB), Griselda worked as a researcher at the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO/IDIBELL). In 2012 she earned her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Oncology and focused on the study of common genetic variants of the Fanconi Anemia and Breast Cancer and investigated new drugs/molecules to improve the treatment of these diseases.


In 2014, Griselda completed a Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical from ESAME where she began as a trainee in the Health Outcome Research Department. Afterward, she worked as a Medical Information Specialist at Novartis Pharmaceutical delivering compressive scientific information to physicians and the medical department on company products.

In 2015, Griselda moved her career towards Clinical Study Manager at Inventiv Health on behalf of Novartis Pharmaceutical, where she coordinated and managed observational studies in a wide range of therapeutic areas, including Cardiology, Neurology, Dermatology and Respiratory. She has coordinated both, national and local studies.


Griselda joined MedSIR in autumn 2019 as International Trial Lead.

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International Trial Lead

Raquel earned both a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master’s degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University Autónoma of Madrid, which she used to start her career in Biomedical Research at the IdiPAZ Institute of Biomedical Research, La Paz Hospital.

In 2015, Raquel obtained her PhD in Molecular Biology, Biomedicine and Biochemistry from the University Autónoma of Madrid. Her research focused on the discovery of new drugs/molecules in the treatment of a progressive familial intrahepatic rare disease. Her research lead to several publications in prestigious peer-reviewed scientific journals.

She joined MedSIR in October 2016 as an Assistant Clinical Project Manager. Since April 2017 she has been helping in three different trials. She is part of the Clinical Operations Team and is very interested in taking on new challenges.

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International Trial Lead

With a degree in Biology from the University of Malaga, Maria del Mar began her career in the pharmaceutical industry as a CRA  trainee in Harrison Clinical Research in 2009.


In 2009, Maria del Mar completed a  Master’s Degree in Clinical Trials Monitoring in COMB (Official Medical College of Barcelona) and earned a position as Clinical Research Associate, first in Salutis Research, later Quintiles and later in PPD (Pharmaceutical Product Development) conducting international clinical trials in a wide variety of therapeutic areas in Oncology, Hematology, Cardiology, Neurology, Autoimmune Disease, Rare Disease, Psychiatric, Nephrology among others.


She joined MedSIR in April 2020 as International Trial Lead. She enjoys new adventures, traveling and swimming.


Maria del Mar speaks Spanish, and English fluently.

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International Trial Lead

Karolien holds a Master´s degree in Biomedical Sciences and a Master´s degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Antwerp (Belgium) / University of Helsinki (Finland).  

She started her career in 2005 as a Clinical Safety Associate and Global Study Manager at GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines in Belgium. In 2011, she moved to Barcelona, where she worked as a freelance Clinical Project Manager for 6 years. In 2017, she was appointed Senior Study Delivery Lead at the Headquarters of GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines in Belgium, before joining MedSIR in Barcelona in  June 2020 as International Trial Lead.  

Karolien has nearly 15 years of experience in managing global clinical trials, Phase I-IV in different infectious diseases such as Influenza, Herpes Zoster and Clostridium Difficile. She really enjoys working in a dynamic environment and is eager to take on new challenges.
She loves traveling, skiing and hiking in the mountains and spending time with family and friends.

Karolien is fluent in Dutch, English, Spanish and French.

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International Trial Lead

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Susana has a Phd in Biological Chemistry- “DNA recognition for drug development and new cancer therapies”, from the University of Birmingham (UK). She did her degree in Chemistry, and Master’s degree in “Emerging Infectious Diseases”, from the University of Lisbon (Portugal).


Upon completing her PhD in 2011, Susana started her career in clinical research at Imperial College of London Cancer Trials Unit, in London. It was a steep career progression into project management and oversight of sponsored multicenter international clinical trials. In 2016, Susana joined another innovative project in Genomics England-"100k Genomes Project”, which overall goal is to deliver personalized medicine to improve cancer care to patients of the NHS (“National Health System”), also as a project manager.


Her career in Spain started in 2018 when she joined the Spanish Group for Sarcoma Research, in Madrid, as a project manager and where she worked closely with principal investigators and their teams on several different clinical trial phases, observational studies and translational research projects.


Susana joined Medsir in June 2020 as an International Trial Lead where she contributes with her experience, skills and knowledge in helping Medsir excel nationally and internationally by delivering the best cancer care to patients.


Susana is a native Portuguese, fluent in English and Spanish. Loves cooking, especially baking (a consequence of her life in the UK). Strong believer, that all moments, as simple as they are, should be celebrated and nothing makes her happier than having her dining table filled with loved ones.



Lead Site Manager

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Crina has a PhD in Biotechnology and more than 5 years of experience in managing scientific research projects. She has a strong scientific background, broad array of laboratory techniques, and expertise in genetics, microbiology, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology. During her work experience, she has had successful collaborations with biotechnology companies and international research groups, and developed a strong interest in working in teams with diverse scientific backgrounds. As a Project Coordinator at The Paper Mill company, she organized several workshops and science outreach activities, gaining strong knowledge of the Spanish research context and familiarity with communication and management in a scientific setting.
As part of the Master’s program in Clinical Trial Monitoring from IUSC Barcelona, Crina joined MedSIR in July 2018 as an Assistant to the International Trial Lead Trainee. In October 2018, she initiated her career in clinical research as a Clinical Research Associate of the PHERGain phase II international trial. Her thirst for knowledge made her accept new challenges and develop her growth in MedSIR, and in January 2020, she started her adventure as both Lead Clinical Research Associate in the PHERGain study and Scientific Specialist. Currently, she is a member of the Operations and Scientific Departments. 

Crina is fluent in Romanian, Spanish, Catalan and English.



Lead Site
from Valesta

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Chiara graduated in Pharmacy at Turin University, Italy. She had a strong interest in clinical research as an undergraduate student that led her to undertake two internships in this field at the Royal London Hospital and at the Frei University of Berlin.

Chiara continued her research thesis in clinical oncology as part of a collaboration between the Laboratory of Pharmacy and Applied Pharmacokinetics and the Molinette Hospital in Turin. Her research focused on the discovery of new oral drugs/molecules for cancer treatment.

In 2013 she moved to Spain, where she completed her Master’s in Clinical Research at Lleida University. Her professional career includes experience in pharma, CROs and academic groups.

Chiara joined MedSIR in February 2019 as Lead Site Manager. She is very enthusiastic about taking on this new challenge and to continue her professional growth and pursue her passion for life sciences.

Chiara defines herself as a music lover. She enjoys finding connections between art and science and is interested in human physiology.



Site Manager

Rui Rui attended the University of Barcelona and graduated with a degree in Biomedical Sciences. She received her Master’s in Clinical Trials Monitoring at International University Study Center. While obtaining her master’s, she supported several breast cancer trials at MedSIR as an intern. During her time at MedSIR’s, she gained an appreciation for the firm’s philosophy and innovative design.

Her Chinese background gives her a multicultural vision making her an enterprising and charismatic person with a future vision that refuses to settle down. She has a thirst for knowledge and always looking to grow.

She speaks Spanish, Catalan, Chinese and English fluently.

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Site Manager

Cristina obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology from the University of Lleida in 2015 and graduated in a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Industry Departments from ESAME in 2016. After 2 years working as a scientific consultant and CRA of observational studies, she has graduated with a Master’s degree in Clinical Trial Monitoring from the International University Study Center (IUSC) in 2019.


Cristina started her professional career in healthcare as a scientific consultant in a pharmaceutical consultancy in Barcelona. Her main activities included administrative management of observational studies, producing contracts, eCRF design and monitoring tasks in the area of pneumology and neurology.


She has also worked as a consultant doing different projects for the medical and marketing departments of different companies in the pharmaceutical industry. Cristina started to be part of MedSIR with the role of Clinical support in different projects and is currently working as Site Manager of the PARSIFAL and PALMIRA international studies.


Her main passion is traveling, but she also enjoys hanging out with friends, watch movies and read a good book.

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Site Manager

Francisco obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences from the Pablo de Olavide University (Seville) in 2012 and graduated with a Master’s degree in Clinical Trial Monitoring from the International University Study Center (IUSC) in 2017.

Francisco started his professional career in clinical trials as a Clinical Research Associate in oncology and hematology at MFAR in Barcelona. His CRA activities include administrative management of clinical trials, producing contracts, physical and digital management of IFS and monitoring tasks in the area of colon cancer, prostate cancer, glioma, thyroid tumor, melanoma, neuroendocrine tumor, sarcoma, B-cell lymphoma, Mantle Lymphoma, Follicular Lymphoma, Marginal Zone Lymphoma and observational studies in the area of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor. Francisco has worked with phase I, phase II and phase III trials. He joined the MedSIR team in April 2019 as Site Manager in various studies.

Francisco defines himself as an animal lover. He also loves sports, photography, cooking, cinema, and going to the theater.

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Site Manager

Silvia holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a PhD in Biomedicine from the University of Barcelona.  Her research focused on the identification of new drugs and biomarkers for the treatment of diabetes (type 1 and type 2), obesity and metabolic syndrome. She is co-author of several scientific publications and patents.

Silvia joined Genmedica Therapeutics, a biotech focused in the identification of new treatments for type 2 diabetes where she covered the drug development process from drug discovery and preclinical studies up to clinical phases of the company’s lead candidate.  She was is in charge of overseeing the development processes of drug candidates, interacting with CROs and managing the R&D&I activities of the company. In 2019, Silvia moved on to work at Innoqua Toxicology Consultants.

Silvia joined Medsir in June 2019 as an Assistant to the International Trial Lead Trainee as part of the master’s program in Clinical Trial Monitoring from UNIR. In February 2020, she moved on to clinical research at Medsir as a Site Manager and Data Management Specialist.

Silvia loves figure skating and cinema. She speaks fluently Spanish, Catalan and English, and knows some German.

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Clinical Trial

Maria has been developing her career for 10 years within the Chemical Industry supporting account and marketing areas and working recently as a purchasing manager for the Italian market. For the last 8 years she has been at Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology providing daily operational and administrative support to Investigators.

Now at MedSIR, she brings her expertise and skills to the Operations team. She is enthusiastic and grateful to join this innovative company and eager to take on new challenges in the clinical trials field.

Maria likes theater and cinema and is involved in several artistic projects. She is also interested in human rights and social education. Maria speaks Spanish, Catalan, English and has a working knowledge of French and Italian.

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Clinical Trial

After finishing her Tourism studies in 2005, Cristina focused her career on the Leisure and Business Travel. As an experienced travel assistant, she assisted and advised multinational companies in their incentive travel projects for marketing and rewards campaigns.

In 2019, attracted by working in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically in the clinical trials field, Cristina decided to make a career change and studied Administrative Management of Clinical Trials at IUSC.


In June of 2019, she joined MedSIR. First as a study support member, then as part of the Clinical Trials Support Team as a Clinical Trial Assistant. She enjoys working in multicultural environments and is very motivated to learn about clinical trials.

Cristina speaks Spanish, Catalan, and English fluently and knows some French. She loves traveling and enjoys nature.

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