The Beginning of the LUZERN Study


MedSIR has a new trial on board!


Last 11th November 2019, it was submitted the LUZERN study to AEMPS and CEIm with the participation of 10 different sites in Spain.


Overall, LUZERN study will recruit a total of 23 patients in 10 sites in Spain. Enrolment is planned to open in February 2020. LUZERN study is focused in ER+/ HER2-, locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer patients harboring either germline BRCA (gBRCA) mutations or wild type BRCA with homologous recombination deficiency (HRD). Patients will be treated with Niraparib (PARP inhibitor) in combination with aromatase inhibitors to evaluate the efficacy and safety of this strategy (The LUZERN Strategy).


About 5% of ER+/ HER2- breast cancer patients present gBRCA mutations, and 10 to 20% other HRD alterations. Up to now, PARP inhibitors in breast cancer have been explored in late-line treatment settings, beyond endocrine therapy. The LUZERN strategy aims to investigate the potential benefit of targeting homologous recombination deficiencies in an endocrine scenario, at earlier treatment settings.


From MedSIR, we would like to thank all the study investigators for their interest in participating in the LUZERN study.



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