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Help us in the fight against COVID-19

Your contribution will help COPERNICO, a study to evaluate a new treatment that improves the condition of patients with COVID-19

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Due to the global pandemic which we have been immersed in for many months, MEDSIR decided to join the search for a treatment that best helps people infected by coronavirus who are given a poor prognosis. While waiting to know the final effectiveness of vaccines currently in development, and the speed with which they will be available to the general population, improving the treatment of the disease is crucial to reduce its mortality rate and alleviate the burden on health systems globally.


For this reason, the Copernico study was launched. Our idea is to confirm the hypothesis that immunotherapy treatments, which are applied to patients with different types of cancer, can be effective in patients infected by coronavirus who are admitted and are not responding well to standard treatment.


This study is expected to enroll 24 patients in different hospitals throughout Spain.

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Previous research indicates that immunotherapy may be effective against coronavirus symptoms.


With your support, we will verify this hypothesis and we will be able to take another step in the search for a treatment that improves the state of people with a poor prognosis due to COVID-19.


MEDSIR has assumed a large part of the expenses derived from the study and Influencers like LucíaBe and brands like Foodspring have made vast contributions to meet the fundraising goal. However, funding is still needed to conclude this clinical trial.

Help us to stop the impact of COVID-19 too? 

Transfer ES35 0081 7010 5000 0197 3202